Mofasa Village is a platform of people dedicated to do the works of God, not just for the purpose of charity; also for the purpose of true liberty. A platform where the Holy Spirit helps us to live everyday by the teachings and commandments of our Lord and Saviour Yeshua Hamashiach to attain and manifest God’s character. It is a God given platform for all of his children to carry out their God given abilities, gifts and crafts without the burden of slavery or need to change ones character.  

Mofasa village is about feeding people physically and spiritually. Every penny from Jahcub Abraham’s album will be spend on feeding Gods children, as we feed them food, install water systems, bring bicyles and bicycle lanes, solar energy, we also feed them with Gods word.

Service to humanity is not just about giving in material form. Dropping acts of immorality makes a community better. Less sin, will mean less lies, deception, misery. Lawlessness is not freedom, but is what we have because of the immoral acts we practice. 


Part of Mofasa village is an Nigerian exchange with Europe which involves the exporting of expertise to the villages in the kingdoms of the Nigerian kings to promote a mentality of self sustainability, creating job opportunities and improving livelihoods.    See the projects at Community Development

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